Skin Cancer

With a multidisciplinary approach and a comprehensive health care team, we can diagnose and treat all types of skin cancers.

Weight Management

Med1 clinic help you understand the importance of food helps you maintain a healthy weight and lead a better life.

Wound Care

Worried about a wound that’s not healing? wound healing is a tedious process and our team of doctors helps you with faster healing options

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

As a leading travel clinic in Melbourne, Med1 Clinic offers expert travel advice and vaccinations for people visiting countries overseas.

Women’s Health

At Med1 Clinic, we are passionate about caring for women and dedicated to delivering excellence in women’s health.

Men’s Health

Be it your sexual health or general well-being, our highly skilled and experienced doctors can provide the personalised treatments and help improving your overall Men’s health.

Minor Surgery

Med1 Clinic performs a huge number of minor surgical procedures in a safe and pleasing environment of our clinic.

Refugee Health

With a commitment to building a healthy community, Med1 Clinic offers comprehensive health care services to the refugees arriving to Melbourne.

Sexual Health

our specialist consultants and doctors are highly experienced in dealing with more complex sexual health concerns and advise on the prevention, detection and treatment of STD in a discreet manner.

Antenatal Care

Med1 Clinic in Melbourne provides all of the support that a woman needs during her pregnancy.The antenatal care that you receive from our obstetricians will be tailored to your needs.

Asthma Education and Support

Our doctors can help you manage this condition by providing personal consultations, education and support so that you can become symptom-free as quickly as possible

Cervical Screening

At Med1 Clinic, we offer cervical screening conducted by experienced female GPs with profound knowledge and interest in women’s health.

Family Medicine

Med1 Clinic has experienced family practitioners who can care for people of all ages and stages of life.

Family Planning

Whether you require preconception counselling or wish to discuss your contraceptive options, our family planning services can be designed to match your exact needs.


Med1 Clinic gives you a quick access to world-class, experienced GPs, allied health professionals and specialists who are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our patients.

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