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A lifetime of good health and wellness is not about seeking treatment when you are feeling unwell. Rather, it is about being proactive about your health. This is possible when you have a positive relationship with your healthcare physician. Med 1 Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical centre near me in Doncaster that has been providing preventive care, routine checkups, annual exams, minor surgeries and personalised treatment plan, addressing the patients’ healthcare needs and concerns. Our medical centre has GPs and specialised doctors in Doncaster, boasting vast experience in their respective fields.

GP Doncaster

From general medical and health screening to diagnosis and treatment of specific medical condition, our GPs and doctors in Doncaster provide professional and discreet health care services that are completely confidential.

Cardiologist Doncaster

As long as your heart is steady and strong, you will be stronger too. Consult with our cardiologist in Doncaster and find out what you can do to improve your cardiovascular health.

Physio Doncaster

Whether it is a sports injury or any other type of deformity, our physiotherapists can help relieve your pain and speed up your recovery time through physical methods such as massage and physiotherapy exercises.

Professional Staff

We have a team of qualified General Practitioners and Allied health specialists who provide excellent treatments for any health concerns you may have.

Affordable Prices

We provide specialist care for every patient at the most competitive prices, driving quality, value and excellence in healthcare

Insurance Partners

We work with major insurance providers in the city and provide world-class treatments requiring no payment from you.

Consultation via Telehealth

Our new telehealth system allows you to consult your doctor via telephone or a video call

Pathology Doncaster

Our medical clinic near me in Doncaster has a pathology lab, which is scientifically led and equipped with advanced analysers that allow us to provide fast and accurate results.

Bulk Billing Doctors Doncaster

Our bulk billing doctors are very advantageous for patients those who don’t want to pay for their medical expenses. Your treatment will be covered by Medicare, so you don’t need to pay even a single penny from your pocket. Whether you need comprehensive and high-quality treatment for any prevailing health condition or want to evaluate your chances of developing any specific medical condition, feel free to call our medical clinic on (03) 9191 6454 and talk to one of our bulk billing doctors near me in Doncaster.

The Leading Clinic in Doncaster

Med1 Clinic has emerged as one of the leading multidisciplinary clinics in Melbourne. Combining state of the art clinical technologies and equipment, our stellar team of medical professionals offer comprehensive and considerate healthcare and support to people across Melbourne. With a commitment to deliver the best health care services to our patients, we ensure that any health concern is dealt with in the shortest time possible.

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Medical Centre Templestowe Lower - Bulk Billing Doctors Templestowe - General Practitioners Templestower

Med1 Clinic gives you a quick access to world-class, experienced GPs, allied health professionals and specialists who are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our patients.

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